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Scan Gametitle Company / Series / Year Country Serial TV-Format Manual Cart CiB
3-D Tic-Tac-Toe CX2618 1
Adventure CX2613 1
Air-Sea Battle CX2602 1
Alpha Beam with Ernie CX26103
Asterix CX2696
Asteroids CX2649 1
BattleZone CX2681
Berzerk CX2650 1
Big Bird's Egg Catch CX26104
Centipede CX2676 1
Cookie Monster Munch CX26102
Defender CX2609 1
Dig Dug CX2677
Dodge 'Em CX2637 1
Galaxian CX2684
Haunted House CX2654 1
Joust CX2691
Jungle Hunt CX2688 1
Kangaroo CX2689 1
King Kong
Mario Bros. CX2697 1
Missile Command CX2638 1
Moon Patrol CX2692
Ms. Pac-Man CX2675 1
Obélix CX26117
Outlaw CX2605 1
Pac-Man CX2646 1
Phoenix CX2673 1
Pigs in Space CX26114
Pole Position CX2694 1
RealSports Soccer CX2667 1
RealSports Tennis CX2680 1
RealSports Volleyball CX2666
Snoopy and the Red Baron CX26111
Sorcerer's Apprentice CX26109
Space Invaders CX2632
Surround CX2641
Vanguard CX2669
Yars' Revenge CX2655
Record: 1 to 41 Total records found: 41
Rows per page:

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