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This page gives you an overview of the different rarity numbers in our database. The Rarity is additionally explained in detail by an extended description of each rarity number. Every rating is based on our own experience as Atari 2600 collectors over a period of over two decades and is not set in stone. Rather, it is a constant snapshot of the current situation on the collector's market. That is why we revise the rarities at irregular intervals in order to adapt them to the respective market conditions (supply and demand).

Rarity Title Description
very common These are the most common games. Everyone has these in their own collection. Some were often part of the console package as an add-on.
common Almost exactly like "very common". Anyone can find and collect these titles without much effort. You can find them in every pile.
very usual very usual carts are not part in every pile. You won't find these titles the first time you try, but you won't have any major problems collecting them.
usual Now it is getting a little more difficult to find these titles. You have to make a little effort and possibly access other procurement channels than just flea markets.
less rare These titles are not to be found on every corner. You will need to make a little more effort to find these carts. You don't have to buy straight away, you can also wait for a better offer. It will come.
rare Now you get to the interesting regions while collecting. Mostly only after several attempts you will be successful. It will be advisable to look for other collectors, instead of just looking at sales platforms.
more rare You will need a long time to find them. Persistence pays off. Don't give up, the chance will arise at some point. These titles are a good trading bait to do business with other collectors.
very rare From now on it will be really expensive. These titles are very rarely available for purchase. Be lucky, if you'll find this rare piece in some package.
extremely rare Welcome, now you have reached the collectors premier class. Even long-time collectors are as happy as a baby when they can get hold of such a rare piece. These titles are usually only sold in secret from collector to collector.
incredible rare You will almost never find these games. Even die-hard collectors usually wait in vain for a chance. Happy is the one who has one. It thus crowns the owner's collection. Everyone envies him for this mostly unique and beautiful piece in the collection.
Undetermined These games have not been rated at this point. However, this does not mean that the games are worthless. There can be a wide range of titles, from very common, to incredibly rare. A good starting point is to look at the other titles from the same manufacturer to get a rough idea of rarity.
Homebrew We're not interested in homebrews, so you won't find these titles in our database either. There are sure to be other websites on the Internet where you can get information.
Reproduction Newly made releases of old games. Most of them are unpublished prototypes that did not make it to market at the time. But it can also be new editions of official titles.

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