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Team and motivation

This page was designed for a more accurate determination of the Atari 2600 game rarity on our beloved Atari 2600 Console. Due to the growing community of PAL game collectors over the last years, we thought it was high time to create such a page. You will find many good sites on the Internet, having all sorts of information on Atari 2600 games, but unfortunatelly with outdated rating on NTSC games and missing rating of PAL and SECAM games. Since we are collecting Atari 2600 games, we were looking for an accurate database including rarity information on PAL games. Also we are sure in your collection there will be games you would love to have a more information about its rarity. At this point in time, we are concentrating on PAL/SECAM games and their rating only. Including NTSC games would be definitely an option and is considered as a topic in our longterm planning.

The rating for the Atari 2600 Games is done by a team of longtime collectors from Australia and Germany with profound knowledge in that area.

This is a private, non commercial project and the specific ratings are done on the best of one's knowledge. In case you think there is something wrong in our Database, get in contact with us directly.


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Former Members

Nofrills: Thank you for your V-Case support in the beginning of the project


We want to thank all the people who have supported us during the development time.

Special thanks go to beamrider66999 (Germany), for providing a lot of scans from his collection, to fill the gaps, or to save us the time finding a scan in our own collection.

We also thank the following people for providing some scans for the database in incoming order.

AdryMorci (Spain)  •  pangasinan (Australia)  •  macdlsa (Italy)  •  shrapnel (Belgium)  •  Christian Beslmüller (Germany)  •  Philfloud (USA)  •  atari181 (USA)  •  Lalu Ranto Syatrio (Indonesia)  •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •  .......pending.......

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