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Coleco - Mr. Do! (Illustrated)
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Detailed Game Information - Atari 2600 Module

TV format Rarity  Cart  CiB Last changed
Gametitle Mr. Do! Class Official release
Company Coleco Genre Arcade
Series Illustrated Max. player 2
Cartridge shell Standard Controller Joystick
Serial number 2656 Programmer English, Ed
UPC code Manual
Year 1983 Screenshot
Country - USA Dump (md5 Hash)

Company Information

Coleco is an American company founded in 1932 as Conneticut Leather Company. They entered the video game console buisness with the Telestar in 1976. A great leap forward was the release of the Colecovision in 1982 with its superior arcade-quality graphics, which no other console of this time could match. They also created games for other systems such as the Atari VCS. In the same year Atari sued Coleco for its Expansion Module, that enabled the Colecovision to be compatible with the Atari 2600. However the case dismissed and as an result Coleco produced its own Atari 2600 clone- the Coleco Gemini.

Relationship Information

Original Version 4 known copies Output

Mr. Do!

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